Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental Service

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

  • Basic system consists of a Booth placed in the back of room with an interpreter’s Panel inside along with a control unit, transmitters and Interpretation Receivers for the Participants.
  • The rental fee for Equipment only, NOT including Simultaneous Capable Interpreters, is less than $3,873.00 for a Basic System with one hundred Interpretation Receivers set-up in Waikiki.
  • Outer Island rental fee is around $6,300 for one day. This includes transportation and labor to move the equipment round trip from Oahu.
  • Additional rental day fees are less.

Turn Key Equipment Rental Service

Ready for Interpreters to step in and Interpreter

COMpact COMmunication Rental Service (COM COM) provides a turn key (SI) Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental Service. Let us know where and when you need the SI Equipment and we will set it up in the ballroom, work your meeting and then remove the equipment at meeting’s end.

A SI Booth is installed at the back of the ballroom. Inside the Booth is a table with an Interpreter’s Panel. Plugged into the Panel are headphones and microphones for two interpreters. The Podium Speaker’s voice is routed to the Interpreter’s head phones. The Interpreters interpret in their minds and then speak the interpretation into their microphone. The microphone is routed to radio transmitters that transmit the interpretation into the ballroom. The Participants with an Interpretation Receiver can listen to the interpretation.

The basic SI system includes equipment for a two language system. Normally one language is English while the other can be any language you need. Each language is assigned a channel on the Interpretation Receiver such as English on channel one and the other language on channel two.

Each participant that needs interpretation is provided an Interpretation Receiver. If the language spoken at the podium will always be English then only the foreign language speakers will require an Interpretation Receiver. If the language spoken at the podium changes then all participants who don’t speak both languages will need an Interpretation Receiver.

The Interpreters normally speak both English and the other language. They use the Interpretation Panel inside the booth to switch between the language channels assigned to the Interpretation Receivers used by the participants.