Motorola Walkie Talkie Rental

Motorola walkie talkie two way radios are available in Hawaii on clear frequencies. Our objective to make the two-way radio the problem solver and not a problem creator.


SL-7550 Radio

Smallest, skinniest, Motorola UHF Digital, portable two-way radio. Comes with lithium-ion battery, belt clip and single unit charger. One time Programming fee is an extra $10 charge for the first day.

SL-7550 rents for $20 per day for the first 3 days

Ear Hook with microphone

Ear Hook with microphone

Ear Speaker held in place with an over the Ear-Hook. It is very comfortable. Lavaliere microphone with push-to-talk button clips to shirt.

Ear-Hook with Lav Mic rents for $5 per day

Ear Speaker

Wireless Ear Speaker

Very comfortable for long term use. Allows listening to the walkie talkie while in the meeting room. Removable screw-in connector.

Ear Speaker is $3 per day

Blue Tooth with Push-to-Talk button

Bluetooth with Push to Talk

Use a walkie talkie headset without wires within a 30’ range

Blue Tooth headset that works with Push-to-Talk Button is $15 per day



Each Walkie Talkie is programmed to your needs. Extra channels are not left in the radio to confuse users or allow another group to listen in.

Programming Fee is a one-time $10 fee per unit