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Compact Communications Rental Service

Compact Communication Rental Service

Rick and Sue Nichols operate COMpact COMmunication Rental Service as a family business from their home located near Diamond Head.

Rick was on a service call at the Sheraton Waikiki while working for Motorola Hawaii in 1983. He happened to over hear an argument between a meeting planner working copy machine rental person. “You had the machine over the weekend so you have to pay the rent”, said the copy machine representative. The meeting planner said the copy machine stopped working on Saturday morning. She called but the rental company didn’t respond. The meeting planner said she was forced to pay big money to send out the pages she needed copying.

Rick realized there was a difference between renting a copy machine and renting the ability to make copies. There is a difference between renting a piece of equipment and renting the ability to accomplish a task. When applying this logic to his job he came up with the slogan that his responsibility with radio equipment is to maintain a connection “From the lips of one person to the ear of another:” That became the founding principle for COMpact COMmunication Rental Service. It was established with the grant of a Federal Communication Commission Radio License in 1984.